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What is Capital City Menus?

Have you ever wanted to try a new restaurant but weren’t quite sure what they had. Or maybe you’re tired of ordering the same old thing week after week and you want to see what else is out there. At Capital City Menus we ease this dilemma by posting online menus for all the great restaurants in and around the Capital City. We look forward to serving the Springfield community and we hope you enjoy our efforts.

Who created Capital City Menus?

Capital City Menus was created in 2009 by a couple of average Joe’s Like most others, this site was started out of necessity. We needed a better way of keeping track of all the menus we accumulated over the years of eating out. We figured the best thing to do was to create a website and share our efforts with everyone. This is how Capital City Menus was born

What about new menus?

If you want to submit a new menu all you have to do is visit our submit page and fill out the form.

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If you would like to contact us, please click here to fill out our contact form. Fill out the required information and send it off. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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